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Date Sequencer
(A Microsoft Word Help & Tip page by Gregory K. Maxey)


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The purpose of this Microsoft Word Tips & Microsoft Word Help page is to introduce and publish "Date Sequencer."  Date Sequencer, now with a time span calculator, is intended as a manually loaded Word add-In. It provides a user interface for inserting a current, past, or future date, and extended date sequence entries in Word documents.

The time span calculator will display the time span between two anchored date values with a choice of two formats.

You can use "Date Sequencer" to insert the current date, a "picked" date from a calendar control, roll up/back (i.e., future or past) dates, and user defined date sequences.

Site Note iconNote: "Date Sequencer" was created using Word 2003. It is wholly functional with Word 2007/2010.  The toolbar interfaces shown below propagate on the Word 2007/2010 Ribbon Add-Ins tab.

User interface with "Date Sequencer" is through an easy to use toolbar and custom userform "Control Panel."

date sequencer 1

Toolbar and Control Panel

date sequencer 2

The Control Panel depicted above shows the default values. The panel opens with the current date and time displayed. Pressing the "OK" button will insert the current date at the insertion point.

date sequencer 3

- Sequenced AutoText. The information panel below is taken from the "Date Sequencer" Welcome screen. Inserting AutoText generated sequenced date values is helpful when preparing itineraries, planners, schedules, etc.

date sequencer 4

- Text. The output option for inserting the current date, picked dates, and roll back/up dates. "Text" option can also be used to generate and display a plain text sequence.

- Fill selected cells. Lets you select cells and fill with a sequence. In the first illustration below, the user selects the first row of cells, picks any Sunday as the start date, selects "Day" as period setting, "x1" as the factor and "Sunday" as the date formatting.  In the second illustration, the user has selected a long column of cells and applied a schedule sequence. The start time is 08:00, the period is minute, the factor is 15, and the display is hh:mm.

date sequencer 5

date sequencer 6

- Roll Back. This is a handy option for quickly computing and entering a past date.

- Roll Up. This is a handy option for quickly computing and entering a future dates.

- Span/periods. Use of the time span calculator is explained in the "Welcome" screen text.

Site Note IconApparently the Calendar Control in Word2003 is not compatible with Word 2000. I am providing two templates in the downloadable .zip package.  Date Sequencer Add-In with Calendar Control 9.0 and Date Sequencer Add-In with Calendar Control 11.0. I am not sure if Word97 or Word2002 will work with either version as I don't have those platforms to test with.

That's it! I hope you have found this tips page useful and informative.  Download the add-ins here:  Date Sequencer

Site Note icon For more on template add-ins and how to load them, see: Organizing Your Macros/Template Add-ins at: Installing Macros



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